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Oakley Factory Park Skidhandskar Blackout



The Factory Park gloves are a super tough, lightweight glove perfect for park riding, and designed to take all the hand-rake you can throw at them.

Technical Specifications
• Material / 70% Polyamide, 13% Polyurethane, 10% Elastane, 5% Rubber, 2% Polyester
• Waterproofing / Not Rated
• Breathability / Not Rated
• Insulation / Shell

Where To Wear
Born and bred for the park, the Factory Park gloves have a super tough and naturally water resistant shell, as well as a polyurethane membrane to keep moisture out. And with rubber inserts, elastane to cope with the stresses of park riding, and enough durability to stand up to every spill, there’s no doubt where these things are at home.

What We Love
Warm and light and touchscreen compatible, these gloves are ideal for the park rat looking to rack up some laps, and are equipped with rubber pads on the palm to help you grip the button lifts. They also look super slick, have a super tough construction, and a cosy fleece cuff with velcro closure, too.

• Synthetic suede palms with non-slip silicone grips
• Touch-screen compatible
• Fleece cuff with velcro opening

Oakley Factory Park Skidhandskar Blackout
Factory Park
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Oakley Factory Park Skidhandskar Blackout